Guided by form, material, craft and architecture, Monument Store is a collection of curated furniture and art-led objects, sourced primarily from the UK and Europe. Each item is individually chosen for its story, its personality and its permanence. 

Monument Store directors

Monument is a partnership between two strong creative minds, Leah Forsyth-Steel and Victoria Spicer, who found each other through their shared love and obsession for collecting.

Both long-term London residents, but New Zealanders by birth, Leah and Victoria had circulated in each other’s orbit for some years, seemingly drawn together as if by a greater force. With mutual admiration for their respective aesthetics, they were compelled to join together in business to forge Monument, a platform for creating your own permanent collection.

The Monument co-founders are story tellers that believe in the power of creating environments that resonate and surrounding yourself only with objects that carry an added significance, or a rich history. Their eyes scope the world for a juxtaposition of materials and form in their passion for rescuing and recontextualising objects and art.

With backgrounds in museum curation, arts management and fashion, film production and set design, the pair combine their distinct view of the world to form an entity more than the sum of parts. This cumulates in the belief that objects have their own narrative, which combined together in a certain way makes a more joyous life. Monument sets out to be definitively ‘anti fast homeware’. Monument finds treasure, restores and in some cases repurposes to bring longevity to your home, and encourage you to invest in the space around you. They are driven by encouraging others to make an considered purchase decision, to inspire collecting and to be bold in their eclecticism.

Leah hails from an artistic family who from birth opened her eyes to finding beauty in the unexpected and the value in stray objects. After an early career in museum curation, devising arts programmes and running global creative studios, she felt it was time to stretch her wings. With a few years living in Amsterdam and seeing the possibilities of sourcing across Europe, her collection grew to more than just personal and became stock. Unbeknown to her, Victoria, her kindred collector spirit, was also creating a burgeoning and uncontrollable habit.

Victoria, previously a set designer, developed her capability to simultaneously wear multiple hats of concept creation, art direction, and managing demanding logistics, yet making the result look effortless. Her fastidious organisational skills makes her adept at knowing where everything is at all times, and how to get hold of something. She relishes the challenge of transporting back a found object across the world. Her taste for the rarefied things in life was spiked by her very own Grand Tour of Europe post art college, taking in the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion, the Bilbao Guggenheim, Le Louvre... which cemented her appetite and energy for everything cultural. Coming from a highly prestigious and multidisciplinary college where concept was everything, there hands-on she soaked up all the technical expertise. She then launched herself into film industry art departments and interior styling, before she established her own company.

Together, they are equally enthusiastic and passionate about objects and see the Monument home as a gallery in celebratory form, without the austerity of an institution, yet all of the integrity of curation.