All possible directions by Leandro Farina

All possible directions by Leandro Farina

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All possible directions by Leandro Farina. Signed, limited edition of 10.

Photographed using a Sinar P series camera, with Kodak Porta 160 and printed A0 size on Hahnemühle Fine Art Photo Rag 308gsm.


Working with the Monument permanent hire collection presented an opportunity to work with a fascinating and eclectic collection of objects that juxtapose simple elegant contours and silhouettes with heavy materials: playfulness with an inescapable feeling of gravity. I am drawn to the combination of these qualities and feel it translates well in communicating my ideas.

My intention is to create liminal spaces between sleep and consciousness, where things are just beyond grasp and the physical laws that govern the spaces are different from our own perceived reality.

The textures, weights, colours and lighting of the objects contribute to the sensation of an altered dimension and the edges seem impossible to define.

Leandro Farina is a British photographer born in London, specialising in still life and installation photography. He studied visual arts and then gained experience in photography assisting fashion and still life photographers before founding his studio in 2008. His first commissions included British Vogue, and Wallpaper* magazines, leading to collaborations with many other global brands and titles. Leandro’s work can be characterised by his use of atmospheric lighting and his willingness to experiment with different mediums in photography.


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